Japan War Crimes

Japan'sWar Crimes: Nanjing Massacre In 1937-1938 Japan's conquering armies indulged in an orgy of killing (for sport), rape and looting

China indignant over Japan's war crime denial BEIJING - China expressed strong indignation Thursday over claims by Japanese lawmakers that Japan did not force women in its military-run brothels to become .

At the Opening the Museum of Nanjing Massacre -- Guo Peiyu, Artist I came to Japan in 1989 to learn of Japan's contemporary art. While working on and releasing some of my work I was shocked to notice that Japanese people have

Nanjing Massacre and the Tokyo War Crimes Trial -- The document is based on the pamphlet by New Jersey Hong Kong Network.

Japanese War Crimes -- For our common humanity What experience and history teach is this -- That people and government never have learned anything from history, or acted on the principles deduced from it.

An Annotated Bibliography of Japanese War Crimes & Atrocities in China, 1931-1945 Complied & Annotated by Chiu-yee Cheung

A Concise Dictionary of Japanese History Revisionism Compiled by Zhang Donglin.

The Other Holocaust - Nanjing Massacre & Unit 731 The Other Holocaust Nanjing Massacre & Unit 731 Angry at the Japanese atrocities in Nanjing during WWII, German diplomat John Rosen sent Magee's film to Nazi government and requested

Bibliography on "Comfort Women" and Related Issues (Contributed by Michael Kim, Harvard University, to USENET) Philippine "comfort women" compensation suit: excerpts.

To Japanese people who are looking at this page. From the producer: I wish that Japanese people, we, were more serious about our history. If so, we could have really faced our past.

Japan On Trial Again for War Crime - Nanjing Massacre "Nanjing Citizens Provide Evidence of Massacre" by Ming Pao reporter Sum Fei-fung in Nanjing Angry at the Japanese atrocities in Nanjing during WWII, German diplomat John Rosen


All Japanese Class A war criminals were tried by the International Military Tribunal for the Far East (IMTFE) in Tokyo. The prosecution team was made up of justices from eleven Allied nations.

Asia's version of Holocaust Films to document Sino-Japanese war Chinese want the world to know of Japanese atrocities. It's being called the Forgotten Holocaust, the Asian version of what occurred in Nazi Germany.

Nanjing Massacre (1937-1938) In December 1937, Nanjing fell to the Japanese Imperial Army. The Japanese army launched a massacre for six weeks.

According to the records of several ..

NJ Massacre WWW Message Board Comment: Japanese Denial of WW II

Unrepentant Japan OSAKA - Refusal to admit guilt for its war of aggression defines the Diet coalition's position on compensation for "comfort women."

NOW IS THE TIME FOR A RESOLUTION THAT PROVIDES AN APOLOGY AND REPENTANCE FOR JAPAN'S WAR-TIME PAST -- Haruki Wada, Tokyo University Professor A Chance Exists to Draw Up a Parliamentary Resolution During the Current Coalition Administration.

Prisoners of the Japanese. The Magic Intercepts Declassification of Magic communication intercepts and other Top Secret documents helps complete the writing of history.

Korean Opium for Japan's Wars Very little has been reported about the opium fields in

northern Korea. During the occupation, Korean farmers were forced to grow opium for

Japan's opium.

The Forgotten Holocaust by Sharon Noguchi San Jose Mercury News Editorial

Board Member LEO CHEN was a college student on summer vacation in Chungking,

China's wartime capital, when he responded to a civic plea. It was 1939. Japanese

bombs had extinguished

The Comfort Women Japan's Brutal Regime of Enforced Prostitution in the Second World War One hundred thousand or more women were forced into prostitution by the Japanese military during World War II. Many were lured by false claims of ...

Artifacts dating from 4000 B.C. have been found in Japan. The first Japanese state was

nominally ruled by the Yamato clan, from which the present imperial house supposedly


Potsdam Declaration July 26, 1945 (from Voices of History , p. 388-389) (1)We -- the President of theUnited States, the President of the National Government of the Republic of China, and the Prime ...

Japanese Look at Possibility of Military Role in Asia. For half a century, one of the great taboos of public life here has been any discussion of a Japanese military role beyond Japan's shores. Now the taboo .

Personal reflection on the no war resolution controversy Yosuke Nakae, Former Japanese ambassador to China War dead as wasted? When I attended a meeting the other day, I got into a discussion with my friends concerning the so-called no war ...

Back to Germ War and ... This article talks about Japanese doing

vivisection of human beings for germ war experiments, mostly at Unit 731. Documents about germ war experiments at other places, including experiments on Americans will be added soon.

A Preliminary Review of Studies of Japanese Biological Warfare Unit 731 in the United States Tien-wei Wu Table of contents Introduction The origin of Unit 731 The US knowledge of the Germ War The deal between US and Unit 731 members Japanese experiments on ...

Japan's "No-War Resolution" Part II Message posted by Kenji Adzuma

THE JAPAN THAT CAN SAY NO INTRODUCTORY NOTE This is the first of eleven messages that constitute, in their entirety, a translation of a best-selling Japanese book called "The Japan That Can Say No.


Declaration To the Japanese People and the Japanese Government: As the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II approaches, there is a real need to assess the history of the war -- as a cautionary lesson for future generations.

Nanjing Massacre: 300,000 Chinese People Killed, 20,000 Women Raped ... This is an archive for the historical documents and still photography related to the the Nanjing Massacre, and other atrocities committed by Japanese army in China during WW II. The page is still under construction.

Murayama's Personal Apology

NOTE: Japan's Prime Minister Tomiichi Murayama apologized to the victims of Japan's aggressive war. His apology should be welcomed. However, as already been pointed out, his apology is only a personal one. Furthermore, his feelings are obviously not shared by most of his colleagues in the Japanese government as indicated by his failure to make a formal and official apology in the so-called No War Resolution. Murayama's apology (144k AIFF file) For those who have been struggling for a genuine reconciliation between Japan and its neighbouring countries, their battle is not over yet.

Voice of America

To the disappointment of peace-loving people in Asia and Japan, the Japanese government adopted a No War Resolution without making a formal apology to its victims during the War. Japan missed a golden chance to reconcile with its neighbours. We sincerely recommend to our viewers, especially Chinese viewers, Hajime Takano's essay on No War Resolution.

Kill, Kill, Brutally Kill... "Thousands of men were led out of the [Nanjing International Safety] Zone, ostensibly for labour battalions, and lined up and machine-gunned. Sometimes groups were used for bayonet exercises. When the victors grew bored with such mild sport they tied their victims, poured kerosene over their heads, and cremated them alive. Others were taken out to empty trenches, and told to simulate Chinese soldiers. Japanese officers then led their men in assaults to capture these "enemy positions" and bayoneted the unarmed defenders."--Edgar Snow,Scorched Earth, London (1941), p. 62.